In my work filled years as Character Animator I had to concentrate solely on Animation specific. Finally, after years of yearning I can explore other sides of 3D animation. Below are my examples from (complementary) Organic Modeling and Rigging classes I take at Academy of Art University.

Modeled in Maya, exported and finished in Zbrush. It was great fun and I'm looking forward to continue education.


 Rigging class. 

My attempt to build Max Fleischner's cartoon character. It's rigged version will follow soon.


Papua guy. 

It's for my (possible) story about a middle aged guy, who takes a journey to obtain new drum instead of destroyed old. The belief is that drum has healing properties, much needed because the only son of this man is ill. Volcanoes, waves, Proas under full sail, war, work, friendship and despair - these sort of things. Can't wait to see it rigged.

Three months later:
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